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Pro Net Solution is a company that offers various hosting duties.

Many people use smart phones daily, but does not always think that
they can risk losing photos, videos, music or other things they have on their smart phone.

That's why Pro Net Solution a comprehensive solution, so nothing is lost.

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Pro Net Solution, offers solutions FTP, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, Wiki Server, Profile Manager, Mail, Calender, and contact. Each user has a possibility that even change their profile. This is done via our Profile Manager which automatically follows when the user has been created in our database.

The safety means, of course, much to our users. Therefore, all of our disk drives encrypted and can only be unlocked by an administrator password.

So should our disk drive be stolen, the data stored on the disk drive, never be produced again.

We use secure connection SSL 256-bit encryption, so you can be sure that no hacker your downloads or uploads.

It takes backup of all data on our hard drive, several times a day. So should you accidentally get deleted possibly some pictures, just contact Pro Net Solution, and we will find the deleted photos again.
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